Capacity of youth non-governmental organizations and initiative groups for cooperation in addressing common objectives

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The sector of youth NGOs is not the largest by the number of organizations, but pretty large by the number of participants.

Young people are not deeply involved in the activity of youth organizations.

Youth non-governmental organizations are not very active at the regional level.

There are no distinct organizations-leaders or individual leaders in the sector of youth organizations.

The level of cooperation between youth organizations and the Belarusian state is far from optimal.

Influencing the state policy in order to improve the state of youth organizations is not a top priority day-to-day activity of youth organizations.

Youth organizations are focused on solving their own very specific problems and objectives, while addressing the objectives common for the sector is a secondary priority.

Yahorau Andrei
Lashkevich Volha
Shutau Andrej
Zujkova Aliona
Antashkevich Sviatlana
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Last updated 29.02.2016
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