Potential and opportunities for implementing local planning mechanisms in the Belarusian regions to ensure the rights of people with disabilities

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This report presents a general analysis of the conditions in which the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will be implemented in Belarus. The first part is a brief overview of the Belarusian legislative framework in the context of the Convention approach. The second part provides an analysis of urban actors and their role in the mechanisms of implementation of the Convention at the local level. The third part presents an analysis of the problems and prospects for the implementation of the Convention on the example of certain areas (accessibility of physical space, communicative accessibility, access to employment), taking into account the collected material on existing practices and approaches.

Yahorau Andrei
Zujkova Aliona
Lashkevich Volha
Rasolka Ihar
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Last updated 26.06.2017
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