The role and place of civil society in the system of donor aid for Belarus (2006-2014)

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The document presents the overall picture of external aid for Belarus for the period of 2006-2014 with a focus on financing of the activities of civil society, as well as the EU's and its member states' place in the general donor aid system. The analyses of total aid, major donors, distribution channels, share of aid by sector is complemented by data from 2014, as well as with a number of new generalisations about aid structure of certain countries, the share of Belarus in the structure of aid to the Eastern Partnership countries, the analysis of specific EU projects supporting Belarusian civil society. In 2014, finally it became possible to analyse the aid of the EU and all the major donors (previous analysis missed Poland and Sweden due to insufficient available information).

Yahorau Andrei
Zujkova Aliona
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Last updated 14.12.2016
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