Toward a 'Healthy' Nationalism. BISS research on the national identity policy

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The 'soft Belarusianization' that is currently underway in Belarus is the result of convergence of actions of three types of actors: social activists, business and the Belarusian authorities. The motives of each of them may be different, but they all add up to the same effect.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict accelerated, but not generated, Belarusanization. Preconditions for this process had emerged over the previous decade, and the government began to appeal to national values in 2011-2012.

President Lukashenka is personally interested in having the idea of independence of Belarus become the main imperative for every citizen, especially for officials. Loyalty to Belarus is a necessary condition, though not sufficient one, for loyalty to his regime.

Rudkouski Piotr
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Last updated 14.02.2018
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