Belarus’ relations with the Arab World in 1992-2012 (case study)

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The relationship with the Arab World has always been one of the pillars of Belarus’ foreign policy and has showed a positive yet controversial development trend. Belarus has repeatedly shifted its priorities in the region, first away from Iraq and Egypt, and then from Syria, most recently, to the well-off states of the Persian Gulf. The economic results of cooperation are way too modest compared to those political, but Belarus can’t do without the globally acknowledged sources of investments and critical markets, such as the Arab countries. In the meantime, the main challenge that Belarus is facing in its efforts to promote these relations is the nature of its foreign relations — this country is not sufficiently prepared to work with foreign business; moreover, there are serious objective discrepancies in the priorities of the Belarusian state and its Arab partners.

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Last updated 20.01.2016
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