Semi-annual monitoring of the main trends BISS-Trends (July - December 2014)

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This new issue of BISS-Trends is a semiannual monitoring review of the main developments in the Belarusian state and society in the second half of 2014. The report identifies the main trends in the following sectors: political democratization/political liberalization; economic liberalization; good governance and rule of law; geopolitical orientation; cultural policy. At the start of the report, we offer a brief summary of the main trends in the five target areas (executive summary). This review also comprises a table that outlines the degree of progress or regress in each segment. The issue also presents a reference catalogue of the main events, developments and changes that were recorded in the second half of 2014 in each of the five areas under analysis.

Avtushko-Sikorskiy Aleksander
Artyugin Vladimir
Lashuk Aliaksei
Melyantsou Dzianis
Chavusau Jury
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Last updated 20.01.2016
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