8th issue of the Macroeconomic Review of Belarus (IV quarter 2016)

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Quarterly issues of the Macroeconomic Review of Belarus represent the unique panorama in over 100 graphs and tables of the key economic indicators covering all sectors of Belarusian economy: real sector, fiscal sector, monetary sector, and external sector. There are less words, more data. We expect the Macroeconomic Review to be helpful for a wide range of local and external stakeholders interested in Belarus economy in general: from academia and public authorities to representatives of international organisations. The Macroeconomic Review is free of charge, to be issued both in English and in Russian.

Akulich Uladzimir
Yafimnenka Yulia
Smalenskaya Viktoryia
Ramaniuk Uladzislau
Alieksiatovich Katsiaryna
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Last updated 28.02.2017
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