Belarusian business education: from a command economy to the market

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The sphere of Belarusian business education is experiencing very challenging times in connection with the economic crisis in the country. Over the last three years, the amount of turnover in the market in dollar terms has decreased by nearly half, according to various assessments. Moreover, these economic difficulties are raising the requirements of business education clients, who are now more selective when it comes to choosing their venue for business learning. This is a good news for well-funded and high-quality foreign educators who are still capable of meeting these requirements.

Three key problems exist today. Representatives of the government, the international community, and business educators would do well to focus on them. First, the authorities must level the playing ground for state and private educators when it comes to taxation and issuance of state-recognized diplomas. They must also allow more academic freedom in universities. Secondly, foreign partners could support methodological and technological improvements in Belarusian business education by conducting trainings inside the country and offering foreign internships. Thirdly, Belarusian business educators could expand their presence in the regions, relying on financing from foreign foundations in the event that expansion into the regions proves unprofitable.

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Last updated 20.01.2017
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