Handbook on researching violations and corruption in public procurement in Belarus

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Any journalist or analytical investigation in the field of public procurement begins with the skills of working with data. These skills are based on the performance of a simple sequence of actions, which includes the following steps: 1. Data search - obtaining any kind of raw, unprocessed data from public, open on request, and even closed sources. 2. Retrieving data - transforming the data into the desired format. In most cases, it means data conversion from paper or electronic to a machine-readable format. 3. Data processing - cleaning, formatting and transformation of machine-readable data into the desired format. 4. Data analysis - finding patterns and relationships in the data, search for answers to questions and confirmation of these answers by facts. 5. Presentation of data - preparation of an infographics, presentation or article in order to make the data and conclusions understandable and accessible to the target audience.

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Last updated 19.01.2018
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