Human capital: Condition of research and innovation complex and specifics of decision-making

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The purpose of analysis is to determine the current state of scientific and innovation complex and reveal the specifics of the decision-making in the innovation policy of the Republic of Belarus. The innovative policy of the Republic of Belarus is based on the assumption that innovation can be centrally managed in the presence of highly qualified personnel. The innovative policy of the Republic of Belarus - the main customer of innovations is the state. However, it does not create an adequate economic incentives for innovative development. Instead decision-making in the area of ​​innovation policy are executed rigid by vertical. Analysis of regulations on innovation policy and the related statements shows that the concept of "innovation" is misunderstood; often it is understood as an upgrade, although not every innovation is considered to be the modernization and the only one that leads to a significant commercial effect.

Shuman Andrei
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Last updated 11.09.2015
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