Human Capital: A qualitative analysis of human resource capacity of Belarusian Science

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The researcher believes that in science of Belarus there is a hierarchy, instead of competition, loyalty instead of meritocracy. Appointments to management seats in the Belarusian science and education do not have a competitive / competitive basis and consistent originally not so much with the team, but with the higher authorities. It also concludes that there are still features of Soviet science: poor processability, conservative, friendly relations priority to professional competition, opportunity for professional growth with a minimum scientific contribution. In addition, the expert notes the comprehensive state control of science and education up to the choice of the research, as well as the fact that in the field of science policy is implemented strictly hierarchical model of decision-making. Finally, in his opinion, the Belarusian science is isolated, with very weak international contacts, and level of expertise in social sciences and humanities (political science, economics, sociology, etc.) does not correspond to international standards.

Shuman Andrei
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Last updated 11.09.2015
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