The social base of the transformation programmes in Belarus

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The research aims to give meaningful and quantitative description of the Belarusian society's attitudes to innovation and the scale of self-determination.

The main objectives of the study:

  • Discovering the main characteristics of innovative behavior of Belarusians, susceptibility and attitudes towards innovation and social transformation;
  • Description of the "loci of self-determination" of Belarusians: the boundaries of the world in which respondents feel themselves at home, as well as communities and groups with which they identify themselves;
  • Analysis of links between susceptibility to innovations and way of life characteristics as a factor affecting the degree of susceptibility;
  • Analysis of the potential and factors of Belarusians' participation in the transformation process through the description of world view and socio-political attitudes, as well as the experience of participation in political life and the perception of civil society organisation as an agent of transformation.
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Last updated 15.03.2017
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