IT country: synchronization of social and technical development

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The researcher has fixed a radical gap between the old era and the "era of innovation" (the name is conditional and not claiming to be conceptual and exact). The gap is characterized by 1). changing the dominant type of construction, creating the activity from “Project-program” to “innovation-start-up”, when the general state of changes can be described as “rain of innovation”; 2). introduction of the principles of "novelty" and "acceleration" as the main criteria for the development; 3). restructuring of social, institutional and activity relations (self-determination and interaction) through a new prism - a practical attitude towards innovation and a place in the chain of their consumption and production. The production and development of "novelty" become a new factor in life and the basis for identity, building activity and social trajectories. All these characteristics are closely tied to the processes of digitalization and algorithmization of activities.

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Last updated 03.10.2018
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