The social contract: retired

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According to a study of "social contracts" in 2009, a group of seniors has been identified as the most loyal to the authorities and meet their own financial situation. At the same satisfaction of retirees and a high level of loyalty to the authorities was not high due to the size of pensions, and low expectations from the state and satisfaction with the stability provided to them a set of social benefits. A key feature of the "social contract" with retirees is the high level of paternalism in the past, and the low level of requests. Similar sentiments are caused by the low liquidity of the human capital of pensioners due to outdated "specific assets" (a set of knowledge and skills), accumulated in Soviet times. Thus, the possibility of "care" for seniors are actually closed.
Avtushko-Sikorskiy Aleksander
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Last updated 06.10.2015
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